Print Score

Hello Everyone ! I’m getting totally crazy on this: I can"t print any scores :frowning: for some reason each time I try to print the page is getting blank and it’s not working at all !!! I tried everything I know (reboot, new project, import, etc. etc.) and can’t succeed in getting it right :frowning: :frowning:

Any advice of what I do wrong ??? thanks in advance

I am on windows 10 and cubase pro 9.5.21
here is a video of the issue :

please hellllpppppp !!!

Make sure you’re in page mode when printing and the page mode is open so you can see the score. When you hit print, select the mode. I usually print to PDF first, then paper from the PDF.


Basic troubleshooting for Cubase when things go haywire is to use Cubase Safe Start mode, not really any of the things you listed. Have a look at the knowledgebase articles at the Steinberg website. Just do a search for Cubase Safe Start mode.

In the mean time, Go to Page Setup and set a page size, and see if that fixes it.

If you post another video, or image, please make sure 100% of the work area involved is shown. The top of the Score page is hidden in your video.

Hello ! thanks very much for your answers… I found that in the printer setting in cubase for an unknown reason the margin were totally crazy !!! this fixed my problem… by the way resetting preference with safe mode didn’t fixed it…

Anyway thanks again :slight_smile:

Glad it worked.