Print scores in PDF in Cubase 11? why is not possible?

This is strange! how can i print all the pages of a PDF score? i only see that it is possible to print images and page by page and sometimes even incomplete depending on where the score is positioned…

I find it so strange that a PRO software can’t do it and a software like FL Studio can do it without any problem since years ago… it is not useful not to be able to print PDF scores.

You are probably using the wrong command. To print, use File>Print. Then select a pdf printer.


I couldn’t agree more. It is possible but it is unprofessional: too many clicks and poor result because it depends on a third party PDF renderer.

Here’s the feature request:

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The OP is apparently asking a different question, simply how to print a score to pdf.

The request for the ability to export graphics to pdf, or other format, is still alive, but this is about printing, which always uses a 3rd party renderer, whether printing to a printer or to a file.

For the graphics export feature request, continue in the topic you linked, @drmq.

Thanks, at that time I didn’t have any PDF creator installed, however in relation to that, I think it would be a good thing if Cubase could print to PDF without the need to install a third party PDF generator…

Actually, in these circumstances I don’t know which PDF generator to install because most of them are full of advertisements… any recommendation of a free one and also free of publicity?