Print Screen Blank but used to work

A project of mine which used to print just fine is not not showing up in print mode, where I have a blank screen. It does show in the other modes. Sometimes flow 2 will show up but I’m not using that. It may be treating the version I want to use as a part if that matters.
There is no option to switch between the ‘violin’ which I want and flow 2 which I don’t want at the top of the page.

I’m using win 7 x64

Does this happen for all layouts of your piece selected in Print mode or only on some of them?

I’ve had this and got it to sometimes ‘right’ itself with using the key commands to open the side and lower panels. You can review all of the relevant key commands from the “windows” pane at the top. I’d be curious if that works for you since I’m on a Mac you are on Windows.

Yes, it sounds as if you have hidden the Layouts panel at the left-hand side of Print mode. Show it again and you should find that you are able to choose another layout, which will cause the print preview to appear again.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that somehow the Layouts Panel did get hidden, which has been restored and all is well. Thanks to all for the replies.

No problem! It’s obviously not right that the print preview doesn’t draw when the Layouts panel is hidden, and we’ll try to sort that out at some point in the near(ish) future.