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I have a player with 2 instruments in the score and in print mode his part looks very confusing and I wish I could make it like I see it in “gallery view”, but I couldn’t find where I can change setting for this. Could you please explain how I do that?
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You could put the Samp. notes in the pianopart; as long as you put the boxed labels( as you already did ) , everything will be clear.

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…and if you want different sounds on playback, you can put the Sample in a second voice, and use independent voice playback.

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thanks for tip, but then I’ll have a problem with notes played on both instruments simultaneously, they’re separated for reason

Can you show a picture of what you want?

something like this, it’s screen from gallery view

Well, for starters I don’t know that I would have a player hold two instruments. After all, they are playing at the same time. Better to be one instrument per player, and hide unused staves or other solutions.

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Can you use an ossia staff for those moments that the player needs to do both parts ?


I usually use an annotated non-playing staff for the player to read and put the actual sounding parts in manually hidden players.

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You can disable instrument changes on the Players page of Layout Options, but note that this will affect all players in the layout, so if you do require other players to show doublings in the normal way, you’ll need to employ other techniques.

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If you don’t have chord symbols at these spots I would insert a chord symbol region into the piano where the sampler is playing and all will be fine by itself.

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