Print some bars from the middle

Piano piece with 249 bars. I want to print out just bars 145 - 180 (35 bars in total). They contain a lot of time signature changes, key changes etc.

What I’ve tried: selecting those bars and copying into a new flow. None of the meter changes come :frowning:

What I’d like: right click on the selected notes and press “copy to new flow” and those 35 bars look exactly as they do now.

What else could I do? Duplicate entire flow, delete bars I don’t need. I guess that’s not too much work with the super awesome system track…

What have I missed. Cheers!

perhaps put page breaks around the area of interest and then just print the page you are interested in (then ctrl-z to get back to where you were) ?

Cool idea. Though it would be good to have it in a flow, to edit it, add practice markings etc.

If you want to bring the time signatures etc. when you copy, use the System Track to make the initial selection - that really will select all.

Thanks for that, Leo. A most valuable piece of information.

I think that works only if you start the selection at the beginning of the flow, or catch a timesig/keysig at the beginning of the selection.
Otherwise the paste will be in the wrong key, or be missing bar lines.
But, yes it is important to use the system track. I assumed the OP tried that… [“not too much work with the super awesome system track”]

shr23, I also read the OP, and it clearly says “none of the meter changes come”. If they’d used the System Track to select before copying, then granted, the initial meter may not have been copied, but all other meter changes would have copied.

Thanks guys. So I guess the options are to either:

  1. duplicate flow and select bars to delete using system track.
  2. select what you want using the system track, copy it into a new flow, find out what the previous / starting time signature was, enter that in.

I guess option one seems faster / less hassle.


One could always add a meter indication to the first measure of the intended section, use the system track to copy and move the segment, and then remove the added meter from the original file.