Print to A3

Finished score in A4. How do I print it in A3 paper? What are the margins adjustments, etc, needed to, basically, have four A4 pages printed on one A3 sheet of paper? Many thanks in advance.

You mean you want to print it as a booklet? Go to Print mode, choose A3 under the ‘Page Setup’ section, and choose Booklet under the ‘Job Type’ section, and that should be pretty much it.

Thanks Daniel. Exactly, I need to print A3 booklet. In the future, should I just choose A3 paper in the “Layout Options?” Any advantages in doing so? Or is it the same as choosing A4 and then change in “Job Type?”

No, you much choose A4 under Layout Options, because each page of the layout itself is A4, and then you impose it onto sheets of A3 in Print mode.

[solved] Thanks Daniel.