Print to "Grafik"

Following situation:
I print a score in A3 as a booklet and than I want to save a PDF as A4 (normal). So I switch to “Grafik” and than I can’t change the paper size to A4! So I have to go back to “Drucker” and change it there and than go back to “Grafik”. Tiresome …
I would prefer if Dorico would save the settings for “Drucker” and “Grafik” individually and of course let me change the paper size in the “Grafik” menu. I’m on Win 10.

Another small thing: the warning, when I overwrite an existing PDF is not translated into German (since the very beginning …).

Thanks for reporting the missing localisation. We will take care of that.

Thanks. Any comments to the main point?

The paper sizes in Print mode are determined by whatever printer is connected to the computer.

The paper sizes available in Layout Options are as big or as small as you like (there’s a custom option there too) and these are the sizes referenced when exporting PDFs.

It works this way so that people can export PDFs at larger sizes without needing to connect their computer to a large-format printer. For example, I don’t actually own an A3-capable printer but I often need to work on scores that will eventually be printed that size.

edit: unfortunately the Booklet function complicates matters. If you hadn’t been printing Booklets, you’d likely understand why it works the way it does, better.

Thank you. My main question ist still not answered: why can’t I change the page size, when swtiching to “Grafik”. Dorico than creates a PDF with the same settings I selected in the printer menu. I can still change other settings, but not the page size.

Normally, Dorico creates a PDF using the page size defined in Layout Options, rather than the paper size defined in Print mode, but I guess there could be a bug if the print job is set to something other than ‘Normal’ that causes it to try to use the wrong size when you then export graphics. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.

Thank you, Daniel.

I can attest to this issue as well.

I created a score and used the Tabloid size paper in Layout options. When I go to print mode in any score for the first time, Dorico defaults to 4x6 for the page setup (this happens to be the first paper size that my printer lists as an option - but not a paper size I have ever used).

Once I change the paper size in Dorico the first time on each separate file, Dorico does remember the page setup. But this has already caused me a few repeats of printing, as I don’t expect this behavior and I see what I printed up be the size of 4x6.

When I click on graphics to export as a PDF, the same page setup from the Printer view is selected and cannot be adjusted.


It’s greyed out because it’s irrelevant - the only page size that Dorico considers for export is the page size set in Layout Options.
The only exception is if you’ve previously told Dorico to print booklets, or something else that isn’t “Normal”.

That’s not true for me. When I change the Printer to A3 and 2 pages per lage, than I will get a PDF with exactly the same settings: A3 with two pages on the page.

Updated previous post to reflect Heipet’s observation.

Ok, I stand corrected. I will leave the post as is for others searching the forum.

You are correct PianoLeo… The export still exports as Tabloid, regardless of what is in the box. I can’t tell you the number of times, I have switched over to printer and adjusted the page size, before returning to graphics and export.