Print-to-.pdf filenames not automatically generated

I have a single-flow project in which I have given the same name as the project to this project’s single flow. When I get to the dialog for ‘print to .pdf’ and see the input screen for the .pdf’s filename in Finale, the system always has already generated the filename of the document on which I am working.

Currently with Dorico, I am forced (possibly by my not ticking a preference here or there somewhere) to re-type the filename in question.

In unrelated business, where is the dialog to set up my MIDI keyboard for note-entry? I had occasion to switch the MIDI keyboard off as well as Dorico. I restarted Dorico, turned my MIDI keyboard back on, but Dorico did not automatically sense its presence and brought it into the fold, as it did originally.

I wonder if I should have the MIDI keyboard already-running when I start up Dorico…

Many thanks!

If you use the option to save a PDF on the right-hand side of Print mode, then you should find that the program produces an appropriate filename for you. It sounds like you’re using the options in the bottom left-hand corner of the window, which you don’t need to do.

And you do indeed need to have your MIDI keyboard both connected and switched on before you run Dorico if you want to use it in that session of the application.