print view size / adjust last system / courtesy time signs

  1. in print view everything is one (very large) size - should (can?) be adjustable? would be nice
  2. in some parts the last staff has only maybe 3 or 4 bars as opposed to 6 or 7 in the staves above. how can I shorten the last staff? (the score automatically has the last system shorter than the others, but not the parts)
  3. is there an option to NOT show courtesy time signature changes at the end of a system?
  1. if you resize the Dorico window the print preview will scale as well. Not a solution as such, but it has been mentioned that zooming will be possible later.
  2. You can set this independently for each layout in Layout Options>Note spacing. (only justify final system…)
  3. not at this time…

You can set this independently for each layout in Layout Options>Note spacing

This doesn’t seem to do what I want (or perhaps I am doing it wrong …) In the attached example I have 4 bars per staff and 3 bars each in the last 2 staves. I would like to have 4 bars up to the last staff, which should be shorter and only have 2 bars (unjustified). How can I achieve that?

Fratveno just told you. It is an option in Layout Options > Note Spacing. Play with it in one of the parts layouts you do not like until you understand it.

To choose which bars you want in a system, click on the first note you want in the system, ctrl-click on the last one (since barlines seem to produce strange effects…) and use the function Make into system (in Engrave mode).
This, combined with “unticking justify” should give you proper results :wink:

Thanks all. I have of course played around with it, but unticking “justify” didn’t do it. However, keeping it ticked and changing the % value to higher (85-90%) seems to work.