Printed 8.5

Hi there I have just bought Cubase 8 Pro on the websites all pictures have Cubase 8 Pro printed on the cover but mine just says “Cubase” it doesn’t have 8 or 8.5 on it please tell me if mine is the latest version or not as I have not yet opened it so I am able to take it back if it’s not right.

“Free update to current version”. It doesn’t matter what version is in the box, you’ll get a license for the latest version which can be downloaded from Steinberg.

Just start the eLicenser Control Center and run maintenance tasks, then connect the USB eLicenser to your computer and use your activation code. After that you can register your eLicenser to receive your download link for the latest version, in case the box doesn’t already come with Cubase Pro 8.5.

Yes I know that it will update to current version but all I want to know is that does the Cubase box come with 8 printed on it?

HELLOOOOOoooo I’m Waiting for reply.

HELLLOOOOoooo you could always ask while you are waiting for a reply lol

Cubase only became “Pro” with the release of Cubase 8 so what you have must be a Cubase 8 box.
Whether there are also Cubase boxes with an 8 printed on I have no idea.

As already said…it does’t matter.