Printed copy of documentation

Hello all,

I received my copy of Cubase Elements yesterday and have all my hardware connected and working as desired. The last time I used Cubase was at college in 2001 where we used Cubase VST 5, obviously a few things have changed in the last 14 years (and my memory isn’t perfect).

Is it possible to order a printed copy of the documentation for Cubase Elements 8, Groove Agent SE4 & HALion Sonic SE 2 as I find a printed version easier to read than the on screen PDF’s. At around 1000 pages it’s a little too much to run through the printer to make a hard copy in a folder.

Get a quote from your local printer. I don’t know about the cost. You aren’t going to get one from Steinberg.

Ok, thank you. I’ll look into it although having worked in custom printing in the past it will probably be very expensive. I may have to stick with the PDF’s for now.