Printed Cubase 7.5 Manual

Paper is dead. PDF on tablet is just as convenient and as noted above, the search feature is something a printed manual can’t duplicate. Save some trees man.

For myself, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. Overall, I prefer a paper manual. Did you notice I said “for myself?” This means it could be different for someone else.

Why is it that those who prefer pdf feel the need to proclaim what’s best for me? There seems to be enough continuing interest for a printed manual to the extent people will pay extra for it.

Yes, the assumption is you are speaking on behalf of “yourself”.
Yes, “this means it could be different for someone else”…like myself! :slight_smile:

If you’re going to post on a public forum and ask questions such as yours…then guess what? You’re going to get responses and opinions. If hearing opinions contrary to yours ruffles your feathers, then may I suggest not posting on a public forum. For the record, I never once in my response (quoted above) said what is best for you. Let’s not make stuff up, OK?

My response to your question “Is anyone interested a printed Cubase manual?” again is no, not interested.
My reason for this answer is because I prefer a PDF to anything printed. I find it more convenient, quicker to find what I want, harder to lose and if I do I can always download it again. Lastly, I can enlarge the print and diagrams easily and with hardware manuals that’s a HUGE advantage. That’s my public answer to your public question.

On a side note, my personal observation is that for some, a printed manual is more of a symbolic gesture…as if it means Steinberg is less lazy, less greedy or owes it to you. A PDF manual isn’t about “cutting corners” or getting over on the customer. It’s about technology and how its been embraced by the majority for a variety of reasons (my 70 year old parents read eBooks exclusively now using their Kindles). I’d rather see Steinberg spend more time and money on software development rather than hiring resources to update printed manuals and passing the associated costs onto us. If you had any experience with project management you’d understand that ever deliverable needs a resource and every resource costs $$$. If a company’s strategy is to save money wherever possible without sacrificing the quality of their products or services thus helping to ensure their existence in the future, then I back them 1000%.

My predilection for printed books and manuals stems from over fifty years of conditioning. It’s not easy to change overnight, but I’m managing in the case of manuals. Novels however I still want in paper, I’ve noticed I have a much greater tendeny to yawn and even fall asleep reading e-Literature on a reading device than when reading the same from a book. Tried all manner of settings, contrast, background light, fontsize, etc. etc. For long periods of reading for pleasure, nothing like a book for me.

First of all, the question “is anyone interested in a Cubase printed manual” isn’t my question. I was replying to the original poster.

With that in mind maybe you should re-read the topic again. The topic is if anyone is interested in some type of group buy for a printed manual. Nowhere did the original poster ask who prefers pdf or printed. This topic has come up time and again over the past years so I think there is interest. But for some reason you, as well as a few others, feel the need to change the topic and proclaim why a printed manual isn’t necessary. Your not ruffling any feathers, you are trying to sway readers to like a pdf.

You wrote “Paper is dead. PDF on tablet is just as convenient and as noted above, the search feature is something a printed manual can’t duplicate. Save some trees man.” I interpret this as a public declaration that we should all conform to your thoughts and mandates. Not once is there any reference to yourself or the fact that others may find a paper manual useful.

But then interestingly enough, in your last post, you are now changing everything to the first person saying I prefer…I find it more convenient…I can enlarge the print…” Had you said that, I would have never replied.

A couple years ago I had a few manuals printed by Don’t know how their pricing compares to OP’s printing service, but their volume discounts begin at 15 copies I think. My wife made a few books there too, with some fanfic PDFs she liked. :slight_smile:

I simply don’t have physical space for printed manuals (or other physical media) anymore, so I’ve gone the iPad/Kindle/Nook route as well. Nice to know the option to print’s available though.

Tell me about it, the forum is more useful than any manual (with the latter being strictly for reference only) could ever hope to be.

I think it’s mainly a case of being emotionally attached to the old-school way of learning, that literally everything needs an accompanying manual, tutorial or guide.

“IMHO it’s a real shame Steinberg didn’t include at least the main operations manual with the retail purchase of the product.”

You’re right. I’ve got a table with one short leg and that would really help. :smiley:

If the manual were better? I’d be totally on board. I still have certain books that are 10 years old but still useful because the basic functions never go out of date and they are well indexed. Plus, the small size is very handy.


Did anything come of this proposal? If not, I’ll have my own hard copy printed and bound. Thanks.

For C8, a printed manual for over 1,000 pages color and both sides is going to be pretty expensive not to mention shipping. Are you referring to C7.5? It always seem to be a futile effort. Let us know if you find a deal somewhere.

Personally I would be interested for C8.5 (when it’s released) and to cut costs, omit all the Score chapters.

I have priced the cost of printing Cubase manuals, insofar as they may or may not be up to date - 1218 pages, in colour, spiral bound. My cost is $265CAD + taxes =circa $300 -Ouch!!! But I am a visual learner and I don’t want to have to toggle back and forth between a pdf file and my system operations. Also, I want to be able to hilight important sections for quick future reference. Upgrades and system changes I can always print as addendums. It is a one time expense which will shorten my learning curve. Also, I am hoping Cubase is a bit like Windows in that future changes mostly build upon the existing architecturewithout changing the substratum.