Printed manual for C9.5 recommended for 8.5?

Seeing as printed manuals are hard to find these days, I am considering a used one I found for version 9.5. Do you think the differences are small enough in an extensive work like, " The Complete Guide to Music Technology Using Cubase 9.5?" Has anyone used this book, to recommend it?

Unfortunately there have been no printed manuals since Cubase 6.

That book by Darren Jones is much more than just a Cubase Manual.
It is not perfect, but I love it. I think it will be usable for that older Cubase 8.5.

Check his channel on YouTube as well (the Lockdown learning series is great)

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Thanks for the comment. I think most of the book should apply to 8.5. I know some things were updated. Looking at the previews on Amazon it looks like the earlier book was used and new features were added. Thanks also for the youtube link.