printed manuals


Your products are wonderful and super deep, which is why your recent choice of excluding printed manuals is shocking. I need a printed manual and request that you make them available once again.

Yes I know the help file, and I know I could read on a digital device, but that isn’t comfortable for me- I like to have a book I can lug around and read without sitting in front of a screen.


The fast guide to Cubase 6 is out £19 $25 ish:

A printed manual probably costs around £100 if sold separate from the sodtware. I might be way out and on the low side pricewise too.
The Fast Guide is usually better than the manual.

They also tend to get out of date rather quickly as updates occur, as C4 manual did.

4 “Cubase 6” books for £65 if you go to
Maybe you can find them cheaper other places…Still much better than simple printing out the manual.