Printed Note Heads Are Hollow

In write mode, quarter notes and eighth notes have solid heads, but when they print the heads are hollow, empty … like half and whole notes. If I print to a PDF file, the note heads are as they should be on the screen … but not when I print to paper on my Brother MFC-J995DW.
And, I just realized, if I print the PDF file the same thing happens. The notes are correct in the PDF file display but hollow when printed.
What is the fix for this, please?
… Frederick

Check to see what font version of Bravura you have installed on your system.

Bravura fonts ARE installed, Dan.
How can I tell the printer to use the proper font, if that’s the issue?
OR are there various versions of Bravura?

What version of Bravura is installed? That is, what number? The current version is 1.392. It’s a possibility that could be causing problems. (It’s worth a try).

1.392 sure enough. The Bravura Text is 1.393
I can fill in the note heads with a pen, but it’s error-prone and time-consuming and should not be necessary.

Of course, and it’s very odd… and likely a simple fix.

Does this happen on other projects? If not, please post the project here.

It gave me a 404. Can you upload the file here?


Your module doesn’t seem to do anything. Were you able to grab the PDF file, Dan?


I need the Dorico file, not the PDF. What I did was take a screenshot of where you upload files in your post.

You should be able to download and print the PDF on your end.
It works for me.
That might be a start … and I DO appreciate your help, Dan.

The PDF is fine, and doesn’t help in troubleshooting. If you want to get to the bottom of it, please upload the Dorico file. Thanks.

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How is that done? From Dorico?
Please don’t give up on me yet,

Press the upload button I indicated in my screenshot above, and attach your Dorico file.

I have to run, but there are lots of helpful users here; someone else will pick this up for you.

InTheLight.dorico (812.2 KB)
Hope you’ll find time to look at this and give me your expert feedback, Dan.
… Frederick

I’m not sure I have anything terribly helpful to add, as both the PDF and the Dorico file print absolutely fine here (on an HP M425dw); see pages 1 and 3 here:

I note that your PDF wasn’t generated by Dorico’s Graphics Export funcionality though, but that you used some sort of third-party virtual PDF printer. Do you get different results (e.g. correctly embedded fonts) if you use Dorico’s own Graphics Export? (Documentation here: Exporting layouts as graphics files)

Are you sure your printer isn’t in “Ink Save” mode?

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Thank you, PianoLeo. At least it prints correctly somewhere!

Might be, FredGUnn, but I went to the printer’s panel and cannot find a setting that would do that. Good idea, though, and may be the problem.
I just can’t find where that setting might be found.

Check this link to the manual.