Hi I realize this is a mundane question

My scores are typically small enough to fit on 8.5x11 but I’m wondering what people use for bigger ones? As in what kind of printers

Here are a couple of threads, you might find more with a search:
(not a mundane question) at all.

I searched a few years ago for a laser printer to do large scores and found there’s no consumer options, only business level. As a result, I use Black Ribbon printing. There are other printers that specialize in printing music scores you might also check out. For a price point, 2 years ago it was $92.50 (US) to print 5 copies of a 50-page 12x9 orchestral score, spiral bound.

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Thanks for all the responses

This is mostly forward thinking as most of my projects still fit on 8.5x11. if they get bigger I suppose I could split them up and use a little scotch tape

The black ribbon thing looks like a good option

There are different options for scotch tape, but be aware, over time the stickyness might deteriorate so the pages detach. There are various options which bookbinders use for a better solution. Plastic binding will deteriorate also.

Here is a tutorial on taping parts.

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I think he was thinking of tiling the pages. Does Dorico even do that? (Finale does).

I use an Epson WF-7210 for my large format orchestral scores. Printing on 11"x17" (tabloid) paper.

Dorico does not include features for tiling pages across multiple sheets of paper.