Printing 5.1 stems & bus routing

I have a 5.1 project and I’d like to export (all in one go) a 5.1 master bus, music, SFX, dialog, M & E, as well as a stereo version of all. Just trying to wrap my head around all the routing. Would this be correct:

Music bus-------->M&E bus------>
Effects bus------>M&E bus------> 5.1 Master Out
Dialog bus------------------------->

5.1 Master Out —[via SEND]----- 5.1 Bus (with Mix6to2) inserted------->Stereo Master Bus

  1. In order to use the Batch Export Audio, would I have to SEND from the Music and the SFX bus to the M&E bus in order to be able to bounce all the buses simultaneously? Or should I just route?

  2. I have a limiter on my 5.1 master bus for peaks spec. Should I remove that and put a limiter on stereo bus for the stereo export?

  3. If anyone has a template that does this, it would be greatly appreciated.

OK, so I’ve been trying to do this with the new Direct Routing. Works great except that the exported files are louder than my project volume. Any ideas as to why?