Printing Booklet issue

Hello everybody,

when printing out a partitur in Booklet Mode, Dorico creates this order (I have a 27 pages score)
0 - 1
26 - 3
24 - 5
22 -7
20 -9
18 -11

2 -27

This is correctly, but I now have to print out Page 1-7, then turn the paper and reprint Page 8-14.
It don´t works with the printing option: both sides… because the printer then prints f.e. 0 -1 and 26 - 3 instead of 0-1 and 2 -27.

May be Dorico can check if someone has a printer with doublewide printing features and correct these…?!


You might find it works better if you explicitly add a blank page at the end, so that your layout is 28 pages long.

There’s a problem with changing the setting for both sides manually or automatically - at least on my system. Changing the setting doesn’t cause the printing order to update, but changing to Graphics and back to Printer after changing the duplex setting does. Changing to Custom Scale and back to Fit to Paper also does the trick. I suppose this is a bug, but once you know this workaround, the printing order is right (I think - I didn’t actually print the booklet).