Printing bracketed percussion staves as one ?

I have 4 percussion parts on different percussion staves, bracketed together. Is it possible to print these as one part, and if so how ? I have tried selecting groups of instruments in print mode with no success. Forgive me if this is explained somewhere already :wink: I have searched the forum and can see nothing relevant.



In Setup mode, make a new part layout on the right (under Layouts, create icons on the bottom). With this new layout selected (blue) look at the upper Left… check each part you want to include in the new layout… Then select the new layout for printing…

Thank you so much Fratveno ! Not only have you fixed my problem but made me understand more about the whole Dorico layouts concept, which, even after all this time, still seemed a bit murky to me ( I am ashamed to admit :blush: )

I am most grateful to you,