Printing bug

There’s a bug while printing with text in stave.
I use repeat measure signs. While they are perfectly represented in engrave mode, they are completely off when I switch to print mode.
I can’t see how to overcome this bug. (I can place them with an offset in engrave but this is far from normal behaviour and it’s not an acceptable workaround for large scores!)
When I print, it actually prints with caracters off their position.
This will be the (384 KB)


Are you definitely printing the same layout you’re looking at in Engrave mode?

Yes, definitely.

Could you attach the file here?

Yes I edited the original post to include the zip file.
I edited the file so the printing is in the right place when printing. But it’s wrong in engrave mode…

I’ve just tried to export your file to PDF, and (despite looking right in Print mode) it comes out looking like it does in Engrave mode (wrong!). Have you actually tried printing at your end, or are you going on what you see in the Print preview (that Print mode shows you) ?

I believe this has come up before, and is on the developers’ radar, and that the issue is that Print mode doesn’t display things exactly as they’ll print but Engrave mode (and Page View in Write Mode) show things correctly.

I’ve not looked at the file you’ve attached, but perhaps you’re using Bravura for some characters in Shift+X text objects? If so, I would recommend you edit those text items to use Bravura Text instead – ideally using the ‘Music text’ character style chosen from the top right-hand corner in the text edit popover.

Actually the file seems to use Courier, which is an entirely different font. It may be, of course, that Dorico is substituting Courier in place of a font that I don’t have on my machine.

For shift+X “repeat measure”, I copied from SMuFL glyph.
Wich was a workaround suggested to overcome the current state of Dorico on this matter.

That’s fine, of course, but you need to make sure the font is set correctly.

It’s OK when I switch to Bravura Text.
Is it a known bug or some font cannot print correctly per se?
For instance, can I expect Inkpen to print correctly?

Provided you explicitly set the font, it’ll print fine: the issue is that you hadn’t set the font. Dorico was managing somehow to show the right character from the Bravura font, but only by chance. If you want to use a specific character from a specific font, you need to choose that font explicitly.

Ok thanks!
Can I assume all copy-paste from SMuFL are 100% compatible with Bravura?

Absolutely, yes.

Thanks! I understand that I don’t understand how fonts work at their core. :smiley:
Some homework on my To Do list!