Printing configuration lost after upgrading to 2.2


I opened a document I had created in Dorico 2 and 2.1, and now the printing configuration for each layout (some parts used “2 on a page”, some used “booklet” to get optimal page turns) is gone. The whole Print Mode page seems to be reset to production default.

Is there some way to get this back?

Greets, Estigy

I have detected this behavior too. Unfortunately.

Yes, unfortunate indeed.
Do I have to redo this now for quite a few pieces, all of them being for wind band with 20+layouts?

I’ve been unable to reproduce this. Do you have an affected project that you have not yet re-saved in Dorico 2.2 that you could attach here so that I could take a look?

Hi, Daniel.

Yes, I do have a backup of the project.
I sent you an email, referencing this thread.

Thanks in advance!

On a related-but-different aspect of printing, having just upgraded from 1.2 to 2.2, I’m surprised that the default Page Setup for printing still isn’t automatically the same as Page Setup specified in Layout Options. I just created new project to make sure it wasn’t being carried over from old files, and I still find (as in a discussion here a year ago) that a score laid out for “US Letter” will print on “Statement” paper (which I don’t have… I don’t know anyone who does) unless I change it. Obviously, I can change it, and then it remembers it.

Please understand that this mild puzzlement is expressed in the context of awe, admiration, and delight over Dorico 2.2. It’s magnificent.

Thanks for sending the project, Estigy: I can see and reproduce the problem. We’ll fix it in future. If maintaining the saved print options is important to you, don’t resave these projects in Dorico 2.2.

Rinaldo, the page chosen in Print mode will normally be the same as the page size chosen in Layout Options; if another page size is chosen, I suspect it’s because for some reason Dorico doesn’t think the page size matches. This will be something printer-related but I’m afraid I’m not sure what you would need to do to resolve it.

According to the printer driver, its default is US Letter (which is the only type of paper I’ve ever used in it). Nor has this issue come up with any other software. So I have no idea how to resolve it either. I’ll make sure I remember about setting it in each new project.


good to hear that you can reproduce the problem. I’ll try to stay away from older scores for now :wink: