Printing double half sheets for marching band...

When purchasing marching band music, it is extremely common for the parts to come printed at the half-sheet size so that they fit into flip folders. Each page contains the part printed twice in landscape format. This saves time at the copy machine, because if the parts are printed in full-page landscape, they have to be shrunk before being copied, and you can only copy half as fast. For example:

I’ve been digging through the print and engrave settings, but I haven’t come up with a way to create this in Dorico. Does anyone have a method they like to use for this?

I think you could do it by way of essentially duplicating the text and music frames on a master page layout in your project. It would be a little time-consuming to set up but that work could be re-used for other parts, so it might be worth the effort.

Pickard, if you are on a Mac computer, this can be accomplished easily in the Print dialogue. If you go to Print/Layout, you may choose 2 pages on one. Is this any help for you? If you want duplicates, you can do this easily in Preview before going to the Print dialogue.

I use the print spooler “Fineprint” on Windows and I think it will do something similar to what k-b suggests. You may have to define and work with a half-sized page (i.e. A5 or “8.5 x 5.5”), but it should be doable without too much trouble.