Printing: duplex printing works not as expected after print range change


I changed printrange (sorting of the pages): why does the duplex print doesn’t work any more?


What is happening when you try? Your picture doesn’t make it clear.

ok, here’s the example file:

1.inBflat.dorico (1.3 MB)

I want to print on a

  • DIN A4 page
  • a part
  • formated as BandFormat
  • with crop marks for cutting
  • duplex, both sides automaticaly
  • flip on short side
  • with following page sorting: 1,5,2,6,3,7,4,8

Problem: duplex printing doesn’t work at the moment you change the page sorting. Printing range: all pages works proberly.

…and by the way: page numbering is also not working in the expected way: se page 2 should be 2 of 8, not 5 of 8.

13 - 1. Stimme in Bb - Martinslieder.pdf (81.7 KB)