Printing external effects unit Cubase Pro 9

Greetings all. I am running Cubase Pro 9 with several outboard units . I have a question regarding printing or recording a track with one of these inserted. For example I am using the Lexicon MX200 which has two processors. If I want to use more than two processors on a project I need to somehow print the effect before I can use one of them on a third track. I seem to recall readying this somewhere but cannot track the article down. Any help would be agreeably appreciated

Hi and welcome,

Just record it to the Audio track.

Hello Martin Thanks for your response. But I am not sure what you mean by recording to the track. Do I just hit record for that track only and play the project through.


Yes, connect the output of your HW effect to the Input of your Audio Device. Add an Audio track, make sure the correct input is selected. Enable Record on the Audio track and hit Record on the Transport panel.

The project is played back, sends the signal to the effect, and the signal with the effect is recorded to the new Auido track.

Great Thanks for following up.

I do render in place with ext processing on dup track version,it does this in real time also I have the original Incase I need to redo it…I’ve made a nice macro