Printing Flows in distinct Pdf files


For most of my work using Dorico, I like very much writing all my “repertoire” into one Dorico file with multiple flows. It is very convenient for me even if slowness on big projects can be tedious from time to time… but there are some work-arounds.

My question is about printing.
I like to producing different physic pdf files for each flow for individual parts and scores.

Could We have that option to produce Pdfs output in different files for different flows ? I can do it by hand but it is time consuming. Maybe I have not seen the possibility. Tell me if I lose something.

As You propose to make the title depending on project title, date and so, that could be very interesting in case of multiple flow printing that We can specify the $flow wildcard for pdf file production and also directories to put them.

Tell me please ! :wink:


Ok thank You.

Any tricky work-arounds allowing to achieve more or less this ? Nope ?