Printing in Cubase Artist 9

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I have the latest update Cubase Artist V9 and according to this help article Page Mode I should have page mode in scoring to enable the correct printing of scores however the option for page mode is not there.

Should it be, can anyone else confirm if the option is there or not for them please?

This is fairly urgent as we have students work to submit to exam boards that we cant currently due to not having the ability to print their scores correctly


Just to prove it…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Artist only has the Edit view. Printing is possible, but very rudimentary. The words “Cubase Pro Only” appear to be missing from most of the Score Layout and Printing chapters.

That is indeed bad news, particularly when the link I included specifically mentions Artist in the URL (and indeed if you search Artist help)

I’m a bit perplexed as to why Steinberg would want to remove the option to be able to print scores with ease on anything other than the Pro version? Seems an odd choice.

Can anyone advise a work around for this please as its a real requirement for us. Its not mentioned anywhere on the version comparison and (as previously stated) the online manual suggests that Artist has this capability - misleading to say the least…

It is actually mentioned in the version comparison, but yeah, the manual is wrong.

The comparison list merely states the following “Basic music notation and score editing and printing feature set”. I’m sure I would not be alone in assuming that the ability to print a score accurately without cutting off sections of it would be a “basic” feature and this (along with the incorrect help file) certainly was paramount in my purchasing decisions

Are we seriously saying that there is no way to achieve this with anything other than the Pro version? No known work arounds etc?

As far as I know, you should still be able to print using that version. You didn’t mention “print a score accurately without cutting off sections” earlier. Did you set the size in Page Setup?

Hi Steve, sorry yep I didn’t mention that issue on this post. I have set the size (A4) in the page setup but regardless of the printer I use (and even when saving it as a PDF) it seems to not fit the score onto a page correctly (and that’s all we require)

Here’s the other post where I did mention it (when I thought this issue was related to the Elements version only) Printing scores from score editor - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

If someone can help find out why I cant print a score correctly to a page that would help no end

I managed to run Artist on my machine and can confirm the problem you didn’t :wink: report.

Printing is broken in Artist 9 on Windows. Have you contacted the company directly?

Yey, I discovered an issue :wink: - Do you mean via a support ticket Steve? If so yes

PS - the same issue is present in Elements printing too

Elements 8 worked correctly here. Do you have that?

No Steve, unfortunately we upgraded them all to V9

Whats the best/quickest way to report this bug to Steinberg and how long does it take to resolve an issue like this?

Cheers for your assistance

There’s no quick way. Your solution for this immediate need will be to obtain the version I mentioned- the Cubase 9 licenses work for earlier versions. Or, to download a trial version of Cubase Pro which will work for 30 days per trial license activation.

Thanks Steve

@Nick: PM sent.

That blows and Steiny should help.

But if they don’t---- I have some time this weekend. You could email me all the files, and I could print PDFs and email them all back?

@cameron206, you did notice that Steiny has helped, yes?

Good. Was there a fix?

Probably just giving link to a Cubase Elements 8 iso.