Printing in DAW

Can anyone helpme understand if printing in my DAW is possible in my Cubase LE? Here is what I’m doing, but with no success. Would appreciate it. Best Brian

  1. A groove agent plugin as an instrument track ( loop recorded)

  2. Adding an Audio Track.

  3. I go to Studio connections, and creating a buss (naming it ‘REC’ ) I make sure is ‘Not Connected’. Same thing for the input.

  4. I then set the instrument (Groove Agent) track outs as REC (the buss I created)

  5. I set the input of the Audio track input as (REC) and 'Stereo out’ as it’s output.

  6. I go into the Routing tab in Cubase mixer and I set that the : Audio track is set as REC(input) and STEREO OUT( output)
    And for the instrument track ( REC) as the output.

Despite the above no audio in being received on my Audio Track, with the Monitor tab on.
So, it’s eaither I am missing something or Cubase LE is set not to have this routing.

The input and output of Studio Setup are there to connect your computer to the outside world. You cannot use it for converting an instrument track to an audio track unless you put some cables in place.
Your version should have “Export → Audio” in the file menu. That’s what you want to use. Kindly check the manual for the details.

If you can configure it, it should be possible…

But it sounds very strange… the suggestion with the export is easier to do…

Thanks both of you. Yes I am aware of the export and bouncing mix down to audio, but wanted to try out the realtime printing in the daw itself, so as to make my workflow faster. With Logic Pro X this was possible and I saw videos online where Cubase can do it as well.

But in LE? I doubt that…