Printing issue - size changes

When I print my file direct from Dorico, the size is correct. However, printing to PDF and then printing the PDF file results in a smaller ‘image’ on the paper.

What’s happening here - I haven’t changed anything.



Instead of printing to PDF, export graphic as PDF. See if that gives a correct export.

Thanks - that worked. I don’t understand why that would be any different, but perhaps I don’t need to know!


It would be interesting to me to know whether this difference in scaling is expected.

It is expected. Printer drivers add margins for non-printable areas. They don’t have any awareness that Dorico has already accounted for these.

When you do Graphics Export from Dorico, it exports PDFs at 100%. If you “print” to a PDF printer then that pdf printer may add margins (and those margins may be adjustable from somewhere in the PDF printer’s user interface). If you use the macOS Print dialog I believe you get whatever the saved default settings are for your default (physical) printer.

When you subsequently print the PDF, you may find that yet another round of scaling happens. John Hinchey wrote a nice article on this, a few years back:

Thanks, Leo!