Printing Layouts


I’m writing an opera and I’m creating different flows for each different scene of the Opera.

As it is easy to understand I put each flow in different layouts. So I have Flow 1 on Scene 1 Layout, Flow 2 on Scene 2 Layout.

Now, the strange thing is that when I go on “print” section, the upper part, where I can choose the layout, and I guess part layouts as well, everything is grayed out.

I have no Idea how that happened, but the only way I have to select a flow is to DELETE the others… maybe I pressed something I shouldn’t…

Thank you for your help

The layout selector in the toolbar is for changing which layout is in view in the other modes, but not in Print mode: in Print mode, you use the Layouts panel on the left-hand side of the window (which perhaps you have hidden: use Ctrl+7 to show it again) to choose which layout to view in the print preview, and which one(s) to print.

Yeah, that was the problem.

Thanks as always