Printing MIDI Mock-ups: Help Request

STILL adjusting to ITB workflow! I was looking for a way to track 75 - 90% of my MIDI Mock-ups in one pass. After much trial and error, I have determined that mass rendering is, essentially the only way to get all of my MIDI tracks turned into audio tracks in one pass. Considering how fast the process is, I’m fine with this method.

However, there ought to be a way to KEEP THE TRACK ID’s! It’s a drag having to re-label 60+ tracks! Also is there any setting I can adjust to get the tracks to render to audio tracks, as opposed to group tracks?

Back when I was using my desk and a ton of synth modules and keyboards, all I had to do was send my MIDI parts to the specified synths, bring them up on separate channels (just like tracking a band) on my board, route those channels to the DAW and press record in Nuendo. Voila, now I’m ready to mix! But now that I’m using 98% Sample Libraries, I can’t get the same routing matrix to work internally. I don’t mind having to print a couple of tracks at a time, when I’m doing a Pop/Rock Band mock-up. We’re talking 5 o 8 instruments. But when I’m doing Film Score Orchestra type projects, I’m looking at a LOT OF TRACKS!! The thought of printing 60+ tracks at 4 stereo passes becomes rather daunting in the wasting time factor! So, as I said rendering is a great option. But I don’t want to waste the time I just saved printing the audio tracks just to go back and waste that time re-labeling them!

Anybody got any work-arounds?


Audio is not rendered to a Group Channels.

You can use Render in Place or you can Render to File in Nuendo. You can also Export an Audio Mixdown and use Batch export here to export dedicated Channels at once. Then you can import it back to the project or create a new project out of it.