Printing Multiple Parts

I’ve got a strange issue. I’ve watched the dorico video about how to print parts and it show that you can select how many of each part you want to print. However, in my dorico no numbers appear to select how many I want to print.

I’ve notices that too, it seems this has changed in the last versions and the tutorial has probably not been updated.

To select the number of copy, in print mode just clik on the instrument in the left panel (shift clik to select many instruments) and select the number of copy in the right panel.

I have the same issue. When I mouse over the area where the controls used to be, the mouse pointer changes to a pointing finger, suggesting a bug rather than something intentional.

FlorentG’s suggestion above is no good for batch printing where different numbers of individual parts may be required.

You can still use the ‘Copies’ control in the right-hand panel to change the number of copies to print, using any selection of layouts on the left-hand side, either a contiguous or non-contiguous selection.