Printing naturals at wrong position

I am super enthusiastic about Dorico returning after trying out 1.1.
Yesterday I made an edit of Sound the Trumpet by Purcell, very happy about the lyrics function etc!
I printed it out and there are several (natural) accidentals printing out on the wrong place (line). In Dorico everything is fine, no changes made to layout/position. When I save as pdf and then print also no problem but printing from Dorico results in this problematic print.
Mac 11.1 Dorico 3.5.102021-01-31_160239 (gesleept) 2.pdf (761.4 KB) 2021-01-31_160239 (gesleept) 3.pdf (952.6 KB) 2021-01-31_160239 (gesleept).pdf (970.5 KB) Purcell-Come Ye Sons of Art.dorico (1.4 MB)

Dag Siebe,
Definitely weird, but it doesn’t happen when I print it (small Brother 2240 printer). This is what I get when I print p.2 of your document:
Schermafbeelding 2021-02-01 om 00.21.05

(I may need a new toner cartridge :hushed:)


Dag Peter,
So the solution is that I go to your place for printing;-) Or first save as pdf…

All is fine on my printer: HP Laserjet 5200. What’s your printer?

Hi, HP Color Laserjet MFP M277 dw
Great printer!

I made an edit of JW Lustig Ouverture in c, all went fine but again in the printing only the naturals are exactly one line to high! HP Color Laserjet MFP M277 dw. How strange
2021-02-08_221528.pdf (983.6 KB)

I’d see if there is software or a printer driver available and install it.

On the Mac no software is needed for a printer and certainly not for a modern HP (color laserjet) printer I think. As said before: if I first save it as pdf and then print: of course no problem.

There are drivers for HP printers available. Or you can use AirPrint. Please confirm which you are using.

Airprint indeed.

Then try download the HP drivers from Apple.

causing new trouble:

Yes, Note the date on that page: 23 Oct 2020. The drivers have been updated since then.

The ‘certificate’ on the software was accidentally revoked. It’s all been sorted out now.

That was the software I just downloaded from HP…
But I installed the printer again and now choose my printer from the list in stead of airprint: now the naturals are in the right place, problem solved. Thank you!

Glad this finally got sorted out. I still find it curious that this driver issue only caused naturals to print a line too high.

Very strange and with this driver I cannot select black and white print so I now have to versions installed one with airprint 3.0 the other with driver 19.13