Printing notes or chords

I was listening to Antony Hughes of Dorico. In his “Chorc” tutorial, as I understood it, It is possible to print or play notes directly into a Dorico SE 5 score with up-to-date M-Audio equipment. Thanks advance for your help. Minna Mansky

You need a MIDI input device of some description. It doesn’t matter who manufactures it: any simple USB-connected MIDI controller keyboard will do the job. Simply plug it into your computer, and you’ll be able to input using step-time input or real-time input.

Thanks Daniel:

I have the M-Audio connected to my computer, but it might be out-dated. It’s a flat egg shaped object; only one light works.
I’ll look into getting more current equipment.

Respectfully yours,

Minna Mansky

Anthony’s almost definitely talking about a MIDI keyboard.
M-Audio manufacture all sorts of different products, including keyboards, audio interfaces and microphones. Lots of companies other than M-Audio manufacture MIDI keyboards, too, and any of them should work fine for note input in Dorico.

MIDI input devices aside from keyboards do exist, such as breath controllers and MIDI guitars, though to the best of my knowledge M-Audio don’t manufacture either of these.

From your original post it seems as though you may be fixating on the M-Audio brand unnecessarily, rather than the type of device.
This is a little like assuming that a product will be good for cleaning floors because it says Dyson on the side. If it’s a Dyson hand dryer or a Dyson pair of hair straighteners (etc.), it’s not the product for the job.


It sounds like to be an older M-Audio MIDI to USB adapter. Purchase a new MIDI keyboard. (any brand will do, I have both M-Audio and Nektar). It connects to your computer with USB cable directly and will work out of the box.

Dear Hannuala:

Thanks for your help. I have a Casio MIDI keyboard, and I may check out the Nectar brand. What I’m hoping to do is to be able to play on one of these MIDI keyboards, and have the music print right into the score so that I don’t have to keep using a mouse.

Take care,

Minna Mansky