printing of static automation

at Film-mixing style automation section of features What Is Nuendo: Discover All the Features | Steinberg noted:

“The printing of static automation is also supported”

Nuendo 10 trial isn’t avaliable, right? So, would creation team explain this point - printing of static automation?

I’m going to guess it’s to do with “create initial parameter events” function which has been there for a while which creates initial events for your static mix allowing you to then automate from that start point. There isn’t really anything new from N8 to N10 with regards to automation.

i try to find solution for manual write drop of parameters state at cursor point (not in play, not draw, not fill in loop, even one frame length)…
it was a hope)

In what situation do you need to do that? I’m thinking there’s probably a different way to look at it and get it done.

here is the need:

accurate, frame by frame, writing of a plugin state.
the wish is simple: not a bulky way - cursor to next frame->command key to write plugin state for automation write enabled track