Printing options

I was playing a bit with the booklet option in Print Mode. When switching between flipping pages manually and automatically, I was surprised to see that nothing changed in the layout preview. I expected “manually” would mean: print the lot first, then put all the pieces of papers back into the printer (think carefully how to orient them!) and automatically would mean that the printer flips one piece of paper at the time.
It turned out that my assumption seems to be right, BUT the change in printing order only took effect when I changed from Printer to Graphics and back. I would definitely expect the necessary changes to occur immediately when switching the setting. Is this a known bug? If not, it is now - unless I completely misunderstood something…

I wish more people would play from tablets - I hate printers!

Changing options for showing annotations or paper size also updates the papir-flipping setting. The problems seems to be that changing options in the Duplex Printing section doesn’t re-render the preview.