Printing Parts in Dorico Elements

I’m not a current Dorico user so wanted to know if can you print parts for different instruments in Dorico Elements. So, if I scored a lead sheet in concert and had other instruments I could give transposed parts to a trumpet and sax player for instance.
I haven’t bought Dorico yet but as a Cubase Elements user I am considering getting Dorico Elements to learn how to use it with the idea that at some point the integration between Dorico and Cubase will be really good. Also I’d like to transfer notated parts to Cubase via midi easily. The ability to write lead sheets and then produce parts is important just now as i can do this in Musescore and don’t necessarily need Dorico other than for the reasons above.


Yes and no. The Clefs and Transposition Overrides dialog (which makes this super quick) isn’t available in Elements, but for lead sheets it really doesn’t take terribly long to select whatever existing instrument, select Change Instrument, set the new instrument, scan through the part for stupid accidentals (which are fairly unlikely) and hit Print. It’s just laborious when you have to churn parts out for 10 different projects in three transpositions in half an hour (I know, I did it this way before 3.5 Pro introduced the Clefs and Transposition Overrides dialog!).

OK. So a little bit of extra work but it is possible. Thank you