Printing problems

I am quite new to Dorico (couple of months fairly intensive usage) but I have come accross a problem I can’t solve.

I am working on piece that exists in various versions - violin + piano, string orchesra and children’s orchestra. I’m using different layouts for the different combinations, and that’s all working nicely. However, today I came to do some parts from the childrens orchestra. I load the trumpet part layout, work on it in write and engrave ( a bit) and it plays fine in ‘play’. However when come to print, it pauses for a while and then displays first page of a different layout - the string orch score - which I guess is the last page i printed. I have tried restarting, rebootine etc. but each time exactly the same thing occurs. Please help, I have a deadline for the parts for tuesday!

PS this happens with all parts/layouts…

I am just guessing at what you wrote, but make sure you have the part selected in the left hand panel if you want to print it.


Thanks Robby, that’s the problem. I am still getting to grips with all the (counter-intuitive?) panels and windows… I was a Score user for 30 years!

No worries. Glad I could help!