Printing problems

I am quite new to Dorico (couple of months fairly intensive usage) but I have come accross a problem I can’t solve.

I am working on piece that exists in various versions - violin + piano, string orchesra and children’s orchestra. I’m using different layouts for the different combinations, and that’s all working nicely. However, today I came to do some parts from the childrens orchestra. I load the trumpet part layout, work on it in write and engrave ( a bit) and it plays fine in ‘play’. However when come to print, it pauses for a while and then displays first page of a different layout - the string orch score - which I guess is the last page i printed. I have tried restarting, rebootine etc. but each time exactly the same thing occurs. Please help, I have a deadline for the parts for tuesday!

PS this happens with all parts/layouts…

I am just guessing at what you wrote, but make sure you have the part selected in the left hand panel if you want to print it.


Thanks Robby, that’s the problem. I am still getting to grips with all the (counter-intuitive?) panels and windows… I was a Score user for 30 years!

No worries. Glad I could help!


My problem is with printing and exporting in 39 Klavyras pirmoji melodija Eb - Bb.dorico (1.8 MB)
Dorico 3,5,12. Everything worked fine, but one morning when I opened some the project ( not all) i found all the print and export settings changed. I turned on my settings but some do not allow to set e.g. page setup, or resolution dpi, and I noticed that when I clicking export pdf, creates a new file in empty folder and immediately automatically exports another one, therefore appears the note that “the file already exists, do you want to overwrite”… After overwriting i get wrong pdf, if i click “create new” then one incorrect other corect pdf appears in folder.
Maybe someone will help me
Thanks in advace

Welcome to the forum, sigitas,

Just in case you aren’t aware, you need to select the layout you want to print from the Layouts list on the left of the Print mode screen.
Print mode doesn’t automatically go to the last layout you displayed in Setup, Write or Engrave modes.
I noticed that in your project file, the Layouts list wasn’t showing when I opened it. To show the list click on the disclosure arrow at the far left edge of the Dorico window (about halfway down).

Using these settings I could export a pdf of your Full Score layout. (I did change the destination folder to one that exists on my computer.)

I agree that the pdf resolution seems to be fixed at 150dpi. Someone more expert than me will have to help with that.

I hope this helps.

Unless your PDF includes bitmapped graphics, the resolution of the PDF does not matter since PDFs use math to describe characters, etc. so that they can scale to (just about?) any size.

Ah! I see that my own files are the same when I set print to export to pdf.
Thanks for the explanation.

Ah, I didn’t think about the layout list. :wink: Everything works great.
Thank you very much.