Printing several copies of a score doesn't work

I input 11 copies of the full score in print mode but Dorico only printed one copy. Is this a know bug on Mac.
For clarification I input the number copies on the right hand side assuming that this should work.


ReRei, this might be a bug. For better control one should probably use the macOS print dialogue on the left hand side.

I’ve found when using the macOS dialog to print that the number of copies per part is ignored. When using the native “Print” button (bottom RH side) all works fine.

Strange how it differs.
Thanks for the replies. Let’s see what the Steinberg team will write.

After you change the number of copies, make sure that you tab away from that spin box or otherwise make it lose focus, e.g. by clicking the up paddle to increase the number of copies by 1 and then clicking the down paddle again. If the number of copies shown on the left-hand side of the window, in the Layouts list in Print mode, shows the right number, that’s the number of copies that will be printed.

I see.
I suppose this will get improved some day so it will immediately show the selected number of copies without any extra steps.