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Hey gang -

I am getting ready to go to press with this solo piano piece. I will be sending it to the printer to be set on A4 paper, to be folded in half, like you would expect sheet music (I have a background in Graphic Design, so I am well versed in working with printers and layout)

When I set my document up, I have 6 pages - which should print on 3 sheets of paper, front and back. Looking at my layout, this seems correct:

Pages 2-3 & 4-5 will print on the same sheet of paper (front and back), Pages 1 and 6 should print on the same page next to each other. But when I go into print and choose Spreads (or booklet for that matter) Dorico does not put pages 1 and 6 together, instead, creates another blank page and separates out pages 1 and 6

To my way of thinking, the logo on page 6 should print next to the cover image, so when folded, that logo is on the very back, outside cover.

I guess I could add 2 more pages and add the cover and logo side by side, then delete the blank pages before sending to the printer. But my idea of spreads is it should combine pages 1 and 6 (the single pages in the layout) and only generate 3 pages total. Am I missing something?


I’m not sure I understand your imposition scheme. You’ve say 6 A4 pages, “printed onto 3 sheets”? So that’s just a single page on each side. But then you say “folded in half”, which sounds like a booklet.

If you’re making a booklet (from the look of it A5 pages on an A4 sheet), then you have to have multiples of 4 pages. You can’t do a 6-page booklet (unless you ‘tip-in’ a half-sheet into the middle).

2 sheets with 2 pages on 2 sides is 8 pages. There have to be two blank pages somewhere to make up the 8 pages.

Also, you probably want Job Type set to “booklet”, not “Spreads”.

If you are ‘sending it to a printer’, i.e. a commercial printing bureau, then I would give them a PDF as pages and let them deal with the imposition.

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Yes, of course. Thanks. Should never do imposition before 7am and certainly not without at least a couple cups of coffee.


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