Printing Stems in Nuendo 5

Hi There -

Can anyone tell me how to configure Nuendo 5 to print stems from Aux Buses to audio tracks with the app. I have a fairly complex composing template that I have built to include a lot of Virtual Instruments for epic orchestral stuff etc. I have set up Aux Buses to make segment printing easier, but I am still relatively new at this and cannot figure out how to print my VIs through the buses back to audio tracks. Here is an example of a guy using Digital Perform doing what I want to do in Nuendo:

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By Aux bus I assume you mean Group channel?

Set the Group channel output to unconnected (or none, can’t remember what it is called)
Create your audio tracks
Set the input of your audio tracks to be the output of the previously mentioned Group channels
Make sure that the monitor button is on (little orange thing)
Record enable the tracks
Set your locators (or cursor, depending on how your project is set up) and hit record

If you don’t want to hear the mixdown I guess you could use Batch Export


Hi DG -

Yes, Group Channel.

I followed your instruction and achieved exactly what I was trying to do. I totally appreciate your help.


Many users of ProTools love this way to work since ProTools doesn’t export (bounce) an audio file offline, only in real time.
I know post studios where they’ve flow works with this characteristic and they wanted to switch to Nuendo but they missed this way. Now it’s working in Nuendo too.