Printing Stereo Out Effects on Individual Tracks When Exporting

I tend to put a lot of effects on my stereo out like tremolos, filter sweeps, distortion, etc. because I like to effect the entire track with them and it’s obviously much easier to just put them on the stereo out instead of every single track I’m using, but I don’t usually mix my own music and when I export the individual tracks the effects aren’t on them, they only show up when I export the stereo out.

Is there any way to make Cubase export the effects on the stereo out onto individual tracks? (MEAP isn’t an option btw, I’m on Mac)

Just solo the track you want to export. And export the stereo out then.

Just one of more options to achieve your goal.

Never thought about that, it’ll definitely take awhile though, I think this particular project has around 90 tracks haha

Use render in place and change settings to complete signal path.

That’s what I ended up doing, took about 3 hours for everything to render but it did the job.