Printing Through Plugins in Montage

Hey All -

Question for the wiz masters here - is there any “professional” solution to recording through plugins (committing/printing) into the Montage, without using the Master FX section? Any tricky setups which could yield workable and recallable results?


REAPER has something called Input FX which allows this. A DAW would let you capture through an Aux channel and route that and record to a new track.

I don’t know the master section well enough to speak about it but if I want to apply FX after the capture to digital, I simply have these running live in my post-capture audio montage and those plugins get applied when I do the final rendering of the files.

Normally it’s just a final limiter and dither, but sometimes is a small EQ tweak as Clip FX on a certain song or songs.

Right, that’s what I was thinking. I use the same workflow but I’m looking for a solution to a different workflow option.

For context, this workflow would be for using WL only as a Catch machine.

What about running a Ref track without audio, putting an External I/O plugin, which only receives the audio, then adding the desired plugin, then routing that to a Montage Audio track? Any idea of if this would work? I will test ASAP but I don’t have two machines configured at the moment.


I’m not really sure if that would work. FWIW, I do it all with one machine but the concept would be the same if I used two machines.

Capture the audio. Trim/arrange clips, add markers and titles, add any final clip FX per song, or a final global limiter…then render the final master file(s).

You can monitor through something in the Montage Output FX section which in my case is just a generic general limiter that I fine tune after the capture back to digital, but I don’t know of a way to record back in through a plugin and print that except maybe with the Master Section live input.

I just don’t have a need to do this so I can’t say for sure if it is or isn’t possible. Maybe somebody else will know.