Printing Track Sheets and Drum Lists

I create music in Cubase 10, then bring or send my audio and MIDI files to another person for mixing. That person often use a different DAW than me. It would be helpful to have the following tools. Do they exist within the Cubase universe?

  1. TRACK SHEET. Recording studios use these to enumerate what instruments are on which tracks of a tape. I realize that with digital audio tracks, the tracks themselves are labeled, but seeing what’s in the total project in a visual snapshot would still be cool to have.

  2. MIDI DRUM NOTE ASSIGNMENT SHEET. When I send my MIDI drum tracks to another party for mixing, it would be cool if each drum or percussion instrument I used could be shown on a printed (or PDF) sheet, showing the MIDI note assignments as well.

You’re not going to be able to directly do either of those. Cubase really only prints stuff for the Score Editor. It would be useful to print other stuff too. Even the Project Notepad can’t print. :frowning:

As a workaround I’m a big fan of using the Windows Snipping Tool to document the Cubase un-printables.

Snip some images from Project/Browser for Track List and your Drum Map or Drum Editor for the MIDI Assignments.

Thanks for the quick reply, Rodger, as usual. I can do that. But it’s disappointing that a simple report is what computer programs can do in their sleep. The name of the song, the tempo, the names of the tracks… and for the other, the MIDI notes I played on the drum track and the names of the instruments that were assigned to those notes. Seems like with a few user guidelines, it would be pretty straightforward. Anyway, thanks again!