Printing weird symbols

I have a problem in Nuendo 6. When I print score I get the stave OK but al of the notes turn out as weird symbols and numbers. Can anybody help? I cant seem to find a setting that corrects this.

Sorry for the trouble. What operating system? What version and build of Nuendo 6?

Thanks Chris!

I am on Windows 7 and on Nuendo 6.02 Jan 28 2013 with NEK. The problem occurs when I try to print scores to PDF. I have no problem with exporting image files of the scores but would prefer to print directly and cut out a stage in the process.

I have updated to version 6.04 and still have the same problem. Thanks!

It is odd that printing to a PDF would produce a different behavior than sending directly to the printer. Are you on a wireless connection to the printer? Before Nuendo 6, did you have any other versions of Nuendo on the system?

Hi Chris it is the same when printing to a printer…It works fine when exporting to a photo though