Prints PDFs but not directly from the program

Using Dorico 4. I can’t print directly from the program, but I can print a saved PDF file.

Since you haven’t mentioned anything about your computer, your OS, or your printer, you have not given us any reasonable chance to help you.


M1 Mac 24 inch iMac, Monterey, wireless printer

If you switch to Print Mode and have a look at the right panel: is there more than one printer to choose from? I ask, because there might be printers from older configurations listed.

What do you do; what happens when you do it; what doesn’t happen that you expected?
What can you see when you do it?

I guess that the answer will be “It exports a PDF file, but I want the layout to go to the printer, not to a file.”

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Remore diagnosis is hard. But you haven’t accidentally chosen Graphics instead of Printer have you? Do you see the print button?

If you do, then describe what happens when you press print.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, but it is certainly an odd problem, and more info will be helpful.

Your last post seems to indicate you have Graphics selected.

Andro, to me it seems the thread starter does know, how to export to .pdf (and print those files). There seem to be something odd, when the Print tab is selected - my guess is, the chosen printer might not be the one that is actually connected via Wireless printing.
ps: night will be soon over in Seattle, it is 5:30AM just now :wink:

This seems like a lot of guessing.
@SleepyinSeattle2 , can you create and post a Diagnostic Report. That should let the folks at Dorico and Steinberg get an idea what may be connected to your program.

Tried it again and now I works. Go figure. Only have one printer.

Sometimes it is good to have a night’s sleep :sleeping: glad it’s solved for you.

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