Priority of reading licenses from USB or soft-eLc.

I have Dorico on both my soft-eLicenser (laptop) and an USB eLc dongle (for Mac Pro).
I also have a HALion 6 license activated in the dongle.

When I kept Dorico running in the background on my laptop and idle for a long time, Dorico throws an “Dorico LE USB elicenser connection error” even if I already have a Dorico 3 license on my soft elicenser. // I plugged in the USB dongle because I need to use HALion 6.

I feel that “reading licenses from USB first, regardless that the same license is available in soft-eLc” is a problematic design in this case.

It’s correct that the eLIcenser system prefers licenses on a USB-eLicenser to licenses on the Soft-eLicenser. This isn’t going to change.