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What can I do to NOT see this over and over?



What browser are you using? Are you running any extensions that might be interfering with the setting of cookies? In particular, I believe this cookie is actually set by a domain other than because we use a service to provide this pop-up as needed on our web site, so if you are preventing cookies from any domain other than the current fully-qualified domain, that might explain why you cannot suppress it.

I have had to dismiss the same dialogue four times today and I click “accept all” every time.

This only happens to me on random days… But today is one of those days for me as well (on both my desktop and my phone).

I have to believe it has something to do with the website… Because another day as my browsers have absolutely no issues. It’s as though the Steinberg servers are not retaining our responses.


The response is stored in your browser by way of a cookie, not on the Steinberg web server. That’s why I think the issue is related to the cookie settings in your browser, because if the cookie can’t be stored, you will be asked again on your next visit.

Same here on FIrefox on 3 different machines. Since yesterday or the day before that, was OK before.

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I also routinely click Accept. Every so often I delete all my Firefox cookies and start again; but even so, this site asks me more often than I expect. I assumed that the cookies have a limited lifetime. I was asked to approve this morning.


I get this as well, and I prefer to click Configure and reject the ads (in case that should be a thing someday). When I go to this dialog, my previous settings are usually remembered, which confirms what Daniel is saying about cookies.

TBH, I get this on countless websites that I visit and re-visit. Welcome to the new normal.

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Yes, this is normal.

What isn’t normal is getting asked repeatedly during a short period of time, on the same day, in two different browsers, both of which have ‘accepted’ the terms unconditionally and have not been restarted or had their caches cleared, and it’s the only website that does it.


I too have this issue in Safari in both ios and Mac os, FWIW.

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Yes, hasn’t happened for a while, but today was over and over. I use Firefox. No other website repeats this request.

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I get it with Edge.

And here, I thought it was just me! Safari on Mac OS 11 & 12 (2 different computers)

This happens in Safari and has been happening for a very long time certainly more than a couple of years. And I also have the same problem on my phone (Safari). It’s very frustrating, and like other people, I get it many times a day. Sometimes days go by and nothing happens and then all of a sudden it starts up all over again. I haven’t made any adjustments to any of my browsers.

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And this just doesn’t happen on the Dorico Forum, it’s any page associated with Steinberg. Can someone tell me what to do so I don’t have to keep saving the security settings before I see any Steinberg webpage?

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David, my experience is identical. All Steinberg sites, all on random days, with nothing having changed.

I take comfort in the fact that I think we have a sufficient data pool to prove that none of us are crazy, and we aren’t all doing something ‘wrong’ so to speak. There has to be something on the back end at the third-party authentication service that Daniel mentioned further up the thread.


it’s the lot we have to take because they remove the dongle haha, teases me every time.

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I’ve been in touch with the colleague with responsibility for this privacy policy prompt, and he tells me that the reason the prompt is appearing more often is that we have changed the terms of a few of the services that we use that are described in the pop-up. It’s expected that when those terms change, we show the prompt again, but it appears that the pop-up is appearing for each of the services whose terms have changed, rather than once for all of them together. This seems to be unexpected behaviour and we are in touch with the service provider that we work with for consent management to check what is going on.

We’re sorry in the meantime for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks Daniel

And again today on all my machines. Perhaps the cookie expiry time is set too short?

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