Pro 10 installing but not running on Dell XPS i7 system

Hello All
I wonder if you can offer any help as I can’t get a tech support response?

I’m a long time user of Cubase but though the Pro 10 program seemed to install normally on my Dell XPS i7 16Gb laptop It simply won’t start.
I’ve tried system restore and fresh installations 3 times.

Having waited 12 days for a reply from a tech support ticket I completely restored my Windows Pro 10 system and started again:
With only Cubase Pro 10 successfully installed and the licenser updated I got the same result- it won’t run…

Many years ago (Cubase 6) something similar occurred and (the then) tech support agent suugested I clear the registry of any Steinberg references,

any help (including an update on email tech support) very much appreciated, joe read

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Hi All
Thanks for your help.
The problem is now resolved by phoning Support (expensive from the UK).
Fabian found that the NVIDIA driver was causing problems (the XPS uses 2 Video cards).
He downloaded new drivers re-loaded Cubase 10 Pro and it worked.
So it would seem to be ‘User Error’ after all,