Pro 10: Key Editor - Solo and Edit Active Part buttons interaction

Hey people,

just upgraded from Cubase 6 to Pro 10 and need help on a specific topic. There’s a function that seemed to be in Cubase 7’s Key Editor that I’d really like to have at my disposal. Please read an older post from 2013:

Unfortunately my Pro 10 don’t work in that manner, it’s the same as in Cubase 6 which means there’s no case four. The fourth case (Solo on and Edit Active Part on) don’t solo the active part, all parts play as in case three.

Someone knows if the Key Editor in Pro 10 is able to handle that situation as it was in Cubase 7?

P.S.: The manuals of 7 and 10 lack of a statement if there’s an interaction between the Solo and Edit Active Part buttons as described above. I also checked the Cubase settings if there’s a switch that needed to be set to get that running without luck. Otherwise, it’s probably happened these function was obsolete with Cubase 8, 9 or 10.

I just re-read the beginning of that old thread, and finally remember what it was all about. That behavior you like, and that I also liked- the OP of that other thread didn’t:, The topic was a bug report and it was er, fixed in a subsequent update. :open_mouth: :wink:

Thanks so much for having a look at it again and clearing things up for me! I read the thread several times and couldn’t figure it out.

Gosh, just a bug that got fixed, that would’ve been such a nice feature when editing chords based on different events/instruments. I wished so hard that was a core element of the Key Editor now, even with a switch in the settings to choose the behavior (“classic/old” and “advanced/new”).

This function calls for a feature request.

Thanks again!

Hi, Sorry I don´t understand the moderators answer Did you understand what he meant ?
I stumble upon the same issue in Cubase 10:
I would like to have “Solo on, Edit Active Part on: Only the active part editor in the editor plays; only the active part in the editor is editable.”
But unfortunately with these options, you hear every part that is displayed in the key editor.
Any workaround ? Should there be a feature request for an additional (Hear only the part that is active in the key editor) button or did you create a feature request ? This seems to me so essential for programming string parts for example…

Cheers, lokotus

Hi lokotus, I’m very sorry for the late response, I got no information of your post just came here by chance. :astonished:

Unfortunately there’s no “Only the active part in the editor plays” in Cubase. I did no request cos I don’t know how to do it properly. :frowning: I’m helpless how to make it clear to the people how useful this function would be in some cases.

You’re right, that function would be great when working with samples and programing strings, brass or woodwinds parts/chords. It is essential to edit all instruments of a chord at the same time, and while editing a single one instrument of that chord it would be awesome to solo it as well.

I guess an experienced programmer will do that function before breakfast. :mrgreen:

+1 here for this issue.
Any luck or news with it?
(i use cubase 10 pro)