Pro 10 on iMac, Elements 10 on MacBook Pro


I own both Pro 10.0.4 and Elements 10. Running Pro 10 on my iMac. Would like to install Elements 10 and my MacBook Pro, but I made the grave error of moving my Elements 10 license onto my physical eLicenser.

I’m guessing that I need to purchase a second copy of Elements 10, but could I get the upgrade price of $29 for. second copy, or would I need to pay the $99?

I also own Elements 9.5, which is soft eLicenser only…

Thanks in advance,



Unfortunately it’s impossible to move a license back from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-eLicenser. But if USB-eLicenser is OK for you, you can buy another USB-eLicenser and move the Cubase Elements 10 license to the other USB-eLicenser. Then you would have 1 USB-eLicenser with Cubase Pro 10 (using on iMac) and other USB-eLicenser with Cubase Elements 10 (using on MacBook Pro).

If you still have a 3rd license of Cubase Elements 9.5, you can upgrade this license to Cubase Elements 10 for 29.99€.